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Magnotta Vaughan

Winery, Brewery, Distillery, Retail Store, Tour Facility & Head Office. Free Tours Daily at 2 pm (EXCLUDING SUNDAYS DURING THE SUMMER).
271 Chrislea Rd.
Vaughan, ONTARIO
L4L 8N6
(Weston Rd. & Hwy. 7)
TEL: 905-738-9463
TOLL FREE: 1-800-461-9463
FAX: 905-738-5551

Art on the Bottle

[#<Spree::Art id: 1, title: "Magnotta Bel Paese House Wines", description: "In 1990, Magnotta's very first wine label\r\n\r\nwas d...", short_description: "Manos was a dear friend and Gabe and I spent many ...", artist_name: "Manos Rovithis", position: 0>, #<Spree::Art id: 6, title: "Magnotta Framboise", description: "David Grieve has been painting with\r\n\r\noils for mo...", short_description: "I came across this piece in a gallery at the\r\n\r\nsa...", artist_name: "David Grieve", position: 0>, #<Spree::Art id: 7, title: "Magnotta Canadian Passito Vidal VQA", description: "Born in Toronto, Langley Donges was best known as ...", short_description: "Passito, which means 'withered grapes', is an Ital...", artist_name: "Langley Donges (1901-1992)", position: 0>, #<Spree::Art id: 8, title: "Magnotta Il Cacciatore Gran Riserva", description: "Born in Spain, Miguel Angel Follente has described...", short_description: "Gabe instantly fell in love with this piece as soo...", artist_name: "Miguel Angel Follente", position: 0>, #<Spree::Art id: 9, title: "Magnotta Enotrium Gran Riserva VQA", description: "Alexander Young Jackson, a founding and leading me...", short_description: "Enotrium is the best and most impressive red wine ...", artist_name: "A.Y. Jackson (1882-1974)", position: 0>]