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Solara Mango Gewürztraminer
$9.45 | 750mL
Fiona Hoop
Magnotta Solara Fruit Flavoured House Wines
Solara, which means 'of the sun', is what we call our collection of fruit flavoured wines. They've long been popular choices for our customers who enjoy the light, sweet, refreshing and fun nature of these wines. This painting reminds me of the Impressionist period and beautifully depicts warm days lounging under the summer sun – a perfect way to enjoy our Solara wines. - RM
Professional artists in their own right, Mary Kennedy and Michele Woodey began working together under the name of Fiona Hoop in 2000. They were commissioned to create site-specific installations combining painting, photography and interior design. This successful partnering led to a deeper exploration of collaborative painting, a concept which has its roots in the early Surrealist artists’ technique of passing a piece of work back and forth. Each artist contributes an element in turn, until the chemistry is complete. The individual elements must blend seamlessly and harmoniously, as in a musical orchestration. Fiona Hoop is a pseudonym for an ever-evolving duet exploring abstract, collage, encaustic, landscape, figurative and still-life. Their work is housed in private and public collections in New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. Source: frameofmind.ca