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Arnold Nogy
Magnotta Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve VQA [no longer available]
Before Gabe fell ill with Lyme Disease, he initiated this piece with Nogy and was so passionate about developing it because it captured his love for wildlife and the outdoors. It took three years to complete. When we decided to produce our Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve to help bring attention to Lyme Disease, this painting was the hands-down choice. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this wine went to the G.Magnotta Foundation for Vector-Borne Diseases all year round. - RM
Although Arnold Nogy was born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, he was artistically awakened and educated on Georgian Bay. Summers spent at his family's cottage on a large piece of land in Honey Harbour afforded Nogy wonderful opportunities for outside exploration and sketching. He remembers studying the tiny details of leaves, insects, birds and flowers as well as the grand vistas of craggy rocks, windswept pines and rippling waters. With his home and studio situated on 50 acres of thick woods near Orillia, Nogy's love of nature translates directly onto his canvas. Some viewers are amazed at his passionate devotion to accuracy, while others are moved by the near-breathing quality of his depictions of wildlife and people. Nogy also focuses on aspects of overall composition, including light direction, the use of colour and the handling of a chosen medium with thoughtful consideration as to the limitations and benefits of that medium. The use and placement of the main subject is also an important factor in Nogy's composition, presenting the subject as the star of the piece rather than allowing it to be overshadowed by its supportive elements.