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2016 Legacy Limited Edition VQA
$21.95 | 750mL
Olivia Brouwer
Magnotta Legacy Limited Edition VQA
The colours, textures and composition of Olivia's piece captured my attention. It made me feel that many complex things were in play and something organic was happening which resonates with how our Legacy VQA wine has been made. It also has an interesting topographic element that communicates land and terroir to us which are essential in creating the rich character of this 100% Ontario wine. - RM
Olivia Brouwer is an emerging artist from Hamilton, Ontario and the winner of the 2016 Magnotta Winery Art Competition conducted to commemorate our 25-year tradition of fine art on our wine labels. Olivia was one of over 30 artists to enter an original painting to compete for the front label of Legacy VQA, a bold, full-bodied and intense red wine made in the Ripasso style, resulting in a bigger, more flavourful and complex wine. For the Grand Prize, art submissions were judged on how well they connected to this new wine's personality. Olivia's piece, "Topography III," a big abstract that was sketched with charcoal on canvas and then painted with layers of oil paint, took the Grand Prize which included a $5,000 cash award. This was the first time Magnotta Winery conducted an art competition for a label design and Rossana felt strongly about tailoring it exclusively for college and university fine art students in Ontario to show them the value of their skills in the business world and give them a head start in their art career. Olivia is a fine arts graduate from the University of Toronto. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout southern Ontario and received numerous awards for her work. Her art is a response to her partial blindness in one eye since a young age. She has experienced difficulty in communicating feelings of incompletion and limitation. The painting process not only requires control in maneuvering paint with a brush but also the willingness to release emotions through gestures and aggressive mark making. The Rorschach Inkblot Test is the reference to her series of “unfinished” paintings that come across as abstract which becomes a way of sharing the experience of vision loss.