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David Grieve
Magnotta Framboise [no longer available]
I came across this piece in a gallery at the same time we were producing our Framboise dessert wine which is made from 100% raspberries. I was struck by how lively, luscious and sweet the raspberries looked in this painting. It was a perfect way to illustrate our Framboise. - RM
David Grieve has been painting with oils for most of his life. He was introduced to the medium at a young age while accompanying his mother to her studio. Grieve attended the University of Guelph where he received the Micheal Scotchmere scholarship. He frequently drives through the ever- changing fields in Southern Ontario, takes photos along the way and then uses these images to produce his vibrant paintings. With a multi­layered technique, he applies thick swaths of oil paint, creating a translation of these moments. Often working in series exploring a variety of compositions including fruit blossoms, fresh fruit on a vine and portraits of a single aged fruit, Grieve’s work records how he perceives the various changes in his still life subject matter. Many times his focus is on one aspect of these changes, including the various transformations in form and colour as well as the transition of the skin from a smooth taut surface to wrinkled coverings. Grieve has been involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions in commercial as well as public galleries across Canada and the U.S. and currently exhibits in 17 galleries. He lives surrounded by the fields in He lives surrounded by the fields in Brantford Ontario with his family.