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2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Riserva
$31.95 | 750mL
Miguel Angel Follente
Magnotta Il Cacciatore Gran Riserva
"Gabe instantly fell in love with this piece as soon as he saw it. We selected it for our bold red wine called Il Cacciatore which means 'The Hunter.' The painting, with its depictions of hunting, fishing, birds and trees, resonated with Gabe because he was an avid outdoorsman. - RM"
Born in Spain, Miguel Angel Follente has described his work as pictorial literature. His use of colour and detail enhance the symbolism and imagery of his work. Using only imagination, Follente often incorporates human beings, nature and animals. Although he considers himself autodidactic, it is possible to track in his paintings an education that was perhaps not overly orthodox. He studied drawing at the Fine Arts Circle in Madrid and painting at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts where he developed his craftsmanship and handling of colour to transform his interior world into a painting. The other side of his training, more personal and interesting, comes from living and working in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Amsterdam. His collective and individual exhibitions for years in ARCO and the London Fair and his many first place prizes achieved during his career have brought him the recognition and approval from some of today's great masters.