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2016 Meritage Gran Riserva VQA
$31.95 | 750mL
Gilles Côté
Magnotta Meritage Gran Riserva VQA
This is one of my favourite pieces. She's such an unusual and interesting subject and no matter how many times I look at her, she always puts a smile on my face. Our Meritage Gran Riserva wine is much the same. It's an interesting blend of three distinct grapes that will certainly warm you with a smile. Both the art and wine are memorable so it was a great match in my opinion. - RM
Gilles Côté was born in the Gaspé Peninsula 1956. At an early age he developed an interest in drawing and caricature drawings. Over 100 of his drawings were published in many newspapers. In 1974, he became interested in landscape photography and was widely exhibited across Canada. A few years later, Côté decided to follow a career in art and quickly developed his own distinct style. A self-taught artist, he constantly seeks the colours and shapes that enable him to portray atmospheres that radiate warmth and even tenderness. The Gaspé Peninsula has also been a source of great inspiration and a large majority of his work reflects this energy. His love of nature is obvious through his choice of colours and subjects which includes people, mountains and the sea. "The essence of my artistic endeavour is to represent human nature in its spatial environment. I seek, through a balance of emotion and intellect, to capture the energy of forms and colours, juxtaposing shadow and light to create a vibrant atmosphere."