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Niagara Peninsula

At an intimate size of just 7 acres, this vineyard is exclusively dedicated to the production of Pinot Gris grapes. Located in the Niagara River wine appellation of the Niagara Peninsula along the Niagara River Parkway, the area is strongly influenced by the presence of the open lake waters. The land warms quickly in the day and cools rapidly on clear nights but the temperature of the lake changes slowly due to its great mass, making this a favourable location for avoiding late spring frosts. On a clear, frosty night, the land surface becomes cooler than the lake surface. Air above the lake rises, drawing in cooler air from the land surface, creating an off­shore breeze. The air now above the lake is warmed, rises and flows back over the land, creating a circular heat­pump effect. The soil is sandy­loam, fairly loose and fertile, making this vineyard vigorous and productive. Spring development is early and the vineyard is usually protected from late frost. The production season is long, allowing full ripening of the fruit. The grapes grown here have allowed Magnotta to produce very characteristic and well­balanced Pinot Gris wines for over 20 years

Grapes Grown on this Property:

Pinot Gris