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Quarry Road


Situated right beside Quarry Road, this 28-acre vineyard is located in the steep, north-facing escarpment slopes within the Beamsville Bench wine appellation of the Niagara Peninsula. It is one of the most favoured areas of the Peninsula especially within 6 km from the lake where the cold air drainage is effective and the summer temperatures tend to be warmer than vineyards closer to the lake. A very scenic location, much of the Beamsville Bench is made of smaller lots situated on rolling slopes that are separated by many creeks and ravines. The soil is very hard with a high content of clay. As a result, the vineyard is slower in terms of spring vine growth but this contributes to a higher complexity of the grapes produced. The grapes show a high mineral content due to the chemical composition of the soil, making it a top spot for Riesling production. Bearing fruit since the early 1990s, the vineyard has allowed Magnotta to produce aromatic wines full of flavour with sustained acidity and good alcohol content.

Grapes Grown on this Property:

Cabernet Franc