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This 100-acre property is situated between Hwy. 55 and Queenston Road where the prestigious and historic Niagara-on-the-Lake region begins. It is located on the level plain between the escarpment and Lake Ontario. The south-east corner of this region is generally the warmest area of the Niagara Peninsula, making vine growth here much more advanced. Spring frost can be an issue at times because of the long distance from the moderating effects of the lake. This area also tends to have very little slope. Cold air settles here with only a slow drift toward the lake on calm, clear, frosty nights. The soil is mainly composed of clay requiring more tillage and appropriate grass management to guarantee optimal aeration for the vines root system. It is suited for the growth of hybrid varietals. The soil retains much more moisture so is less prone to summer drought events. Vidal is the exclusive varietal grown on this vineyard. The grapes have allowed Magnotta to create its wide collection of Vidal wines over the years. They have been ideal for various table wines and generic blending purposes but also very well-balanced for the production of Icewine. The philosophy behind the management of this vineyard is simple and direct: Produce mild and fruit-forward white wines to be used in many different Ontario VQA wines and International Canadian blends.

Grapes Grown on this Property: